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My own Corel PhotoPaint configuration: How do I configure Corel PhotoPaint v9 for my own hardware and in order to get the best possible photo prints.

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SimplyTheBest font library:
is a nice collection of typographic fonts of high quality and freely available (for most of them). Contrary to the ugly bad habits of this kind of web site, SimplyTheBest font library is not covered with ads and the browsing is quite easy.

How long will your ink jet prints last? Today, inkjet printers are everywhere outputing photo images. Yesterday, silver-based prints were known for their good permanence (lasting up to a century). But is it the same for the latest inkjet prints? Henry wilhelm (of Wilhelm Imaging Research) is really the expert in evaluating this. The web site contains links to consumer-level articles (e.g. PDF copies of PCWorld articles), technical white papers for the high-end consumer, and news for the expert.

Today's image: A wondrous sunset yesterday gave me that nice photo.

orange, jaune et bleu

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