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LinksysLinksys upgrade / Advice:
While we still are looking for a firmware upgrade for our Linksys BEFSX41 routers that is simultaneously official and stable, I learned an intersting little bit of advice.

It seems to be fairly important (maybe even critical in some cases) to always reset the router configuration to its default factory settings BEFORE doing any firmware upgrade. Of course, you should not forget to first write down the initial configuration (you will have to copy it back again after the upgrade). But this operation seems necessary to ensure that the upgrade goes right. In other cases, the lack of this resetting may lead to non functionning router or semi-random crashes (all the more difficult to identify and solve).

Port-forwarding: For many applications installed behind a router or a firewall (P2P applications like BitTorrent, Kazaa, eMule or eDonkey or networked games), it is necessary to configure port-forwarding in order to give it full access to the Internet through the router. This is exactly what this web site does for dozens of routers:

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LinksysBEFSX41 - Upgrade hell (the Sequel): A follow-on to the news I published last week: Linksys is preparing a new version correcting the awful bugs of v1.50.18. I don't know yet when it will produce one usable version. In between, just keep v1.45.3 you took from their FTP site.

LinksysBEFSX41 - Upgrade hell: Like me, you certainly know that you need to regularly upgrade the firmware of your router; But you may not know how bad this can be.

My BEFSX41 is a small wonder, but it was still using v1.44.3 (version dating back in 2002!). I decided to upgrade to the latest revision from Linksys. It's only after 4 hours of pure hell and nightmare that I learned (Thanks to Google!) that the recent versions of the BEFSX41 firmware are simply uselessly unstable. My advice:

This will probably let you avoid most of the instabilities I experienced (and I appear not to be alone). It seems most perceivable if you use a P2P application like I do (the reason I choose this very router, if you remember).

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