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Download movies for free and legally

OpenFlixOpenFlix: Another web site only distributing public domain movies (so download here is fully legal). Old movies indeed, but some of them are quite good.

XiaoXaio dojo: The surprising cute little graphic animés of a stick man living epic martian arts battles on your screen.

Public Domain TorrentsPublic Domain Torrents: A web site where one can find downloadable movies (using a P2P Bittorrent software program) but, this time, they are public domain movies (so download is legal and the MPAA has nothing to look into). Old movies indeed.

Furthermore, they are encoded using DivX, and there special downloads for your PDA.




La Belle et la Bête (The Beauty and the Beast) of Jean Cocteau: A true masterpiece of cinema, a pure pleasure moment if only you accept to find your child's imagination again (there I pay my respects to a great film, but do not think that this is a free movie!).

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