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  • Cyber-commerce is changing

  • Buying on the Internet is changing at this very moment

    In cyber-commerce things are changing every other minute. Up to recently, everybody (including the stock market gurus) was explaining that the major bookstore Amazon was the only reference (for books, but also audio CDs and videos including DVDs).

    Everything is going to change. The race for the head of the cyber-commerce group will be raging with the appearance of new means to compare prices (and get the best) really easily. Today, how do you compare prices over 20 web sites, taking into account shipping charges (that fluctuate with destination, quantity and probably with the phases of the moon, too...)? Just go to the following specialized web sites that I heartily recommend (specially the first two ones):

  • DVDsearch site
  • ACSES search site for books, CDs and videos and DVD
  • Price Watch(tm) - Street Price Search Engine

    Even if this will probably not kill Amazon (they still are really able to get the best price, just because they are the biggest online bookstore), it will certainly kill some small web commerce businesses. It does not feel good being only in second position!

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  • YGrep is improved for Visual Basic

    YGrep is improved for Visual Basic

    The YGrep Search Engine has been improved for users of the scalar interface. Version 7.02 now includes the capability to search forward after a first "match" has been added to the YGrep Search Engine. Version 7.02 is adding three new functions SAGrepNext(), SRGrepNext() and SSGrepNext().

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