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    News for nerds

     / .  You're a nerd and you know it. Why not have your own specially nerdy news web site? Go and check SlashDot.

    Silicon zoo

    Did you ever think that silicon chip were ugly little thing in plastic packages? You were right, but inside the plastic you can find prrofs that electronic engineers can also have a heart for arts.

    Silicon zoo

    Win32 Foundation Classes

    WFC         An exceptional tool for any Windows C++ programmer (particularly if already using the MFC): The WIN32 Foundation Classes from Sam Blackburn is a need-to-have in order to finish all those things you dreamed the MFC would do.

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  • New version of YGrep
  • Athlon replaces K7

    New version of YGrep

    The new version 7.02b of the YGrep Search Engine corrects a couple of minor bugs in the SGrep() family of routines (sometimes returning erroneous matches and match sizes).

    Registered users have been receiving the upgrade directly from me.

    Athlon replaces K7

    Athlon AMD did it! They gave the processor previously known as K7 a new name: Athlon. At the same time, they officially reveal performance figures. Impressive! Intel, having lost the performance blue-ribbon, is now preparing a price cut for their own processors... while AMD delivers to the PC manufacturers.

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