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  • Dilbert Killer?
  • Aplio
  • Netscape 4.6 - security holes
  • Silicon zoo

    Dilbert Killer?

    If you loved Dilbert, it may be time to go and meet User Friendly. If you already hate William Door and admire Linus Torvalds, just jump there.


    First, it is smart Internet appliances (telephones), and then it becomes one of the best startups (as told by Data Communications). Drop by Aplio. And it's French, too.

    Netscape v4.6 - security holes

    Netscape 4.6 is just out. But we were already indicated that it has some holes in its security (allowing a server to read and write data to the user disk). If you want to know more about it, just browse your way to

    Silicon zoo

    Did you ever think that silicon chip were ugly little thing in plastic packages? You were right, but inside the plastic you can find prrofs that electronic engineers can also have a heart for arts.

    Silicon zoo

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  • Wanna get free stock shares?
  • New version of YGrep

    Wanna get free stock shares?

    A company named TradeHall (auctions like is giving away 1,000,000 stocks as a promotional tool to start up the company. This strategy seems to have been a nice success for another Internet startup: Yahoo who did it previously. And you take no risk whatsoever.

    When registering, remember to give my "Reference number" 10691244 (I am your sponsor).

    New version of YGrep

    The new version 7.02b of the YGrep Search Engine corrects a couple of minor bugs in the SGrep() family of routines (sometimes returning erroneous matches and match sizes).

    Registered users have been receiving the upgrade directly from me.

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