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Audit your web site

AuditWeb AuditWeb analyzes your web site for better performance. They are a commercial service, but they also have a very nice list of bookmarks to other similar (and often free) services. It's worth having a look, even if this is all in French.

Dilbert Killer?

If you loved Dilbert, it may be time to go and meet User Friendly. If you already hate William Door and admire Linus Torvalds, just jump there.

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New version of YGrep

Version 7.03a is brought to light by the request from some customers to be able to use a full-word match for all of the possible searches. Regular expressions included this possibility. Soundex expressions using the ' ' (or space) character could delimitate words, too. Now, approximative expressions can be defined to allow only full-word matches (addition of a parameter to the CompileAGrep() function). Additionally, soundex expressions have been extended the same way (with the same addition of a parameter to the CompileSGrep() function).

This new v7.03a also corrects a bug in the RGrep() family of routines (bad management of the $ (end-of-line) specification).

It is immediately available for download.

Registered users have been receiving the upgrade directly from me.

Previous users will notice that there is a need to re-compile existing code in order to adapt to the slightly new data structures of AGREPINFO and to the additional parameter of CompileAGrep() (default value should be FALSE). It should not create any difficulty, though; And the changes to correct the $ bug can be obtained directly from me (to registered users of the Development Kit) to produce a fully compatible version of the DLL.


AMD beats Intel

Athlon 600, 650 MHz. This are the speed grades offered by AMD to beat Intel. And the Athlons are 25% more powerful than their Pentium III counterparts at the same clock speed.

Junk your old Pentium and buy an AMD.


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