My own selection of Internet tools

Sometimes, people ask what tools I use for Internet (both surfing and editing). Here's the list.

Right in the order I use them, here is the list of what applications I run when I connect my Windows PC to the Internet:

When time comes to write down this web site, I use a few other tools.

Last but not least, for those who share an Internet link (e.g. ADSL, cable modem), I am currently testing Proxy+ (freeware) that is all at the same time a firewall, a proxy server and a mail server. Not bad, eh?

Please, also note that I tend to use freeware tools as far as I can, even if it means that I avoid a few good tools (in this category, I can list the excellent HTML editor Dreamweaver v3.0 that I use professionnally too). But it's not an expensive configuration I can run.

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After updating one of my web sites, I prefer to go and check everything using one of the following:

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