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P2P traffic is hard on LAN routers



I recently wondered what NAT router I should choose to link my own Local Area Network (LAN) to the Internet (through the ADSL FreeBox).

There are many little routers on the market but many P2P users noticed that their prefered application (in my case, eMule or eDonkey) produces such a network trafic that some routers cannot hold it, crash or reboot after a few hours or even a few minutes. I went on looking for a the best products of this type on the Internet.

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Linksys BEFSX41:

I was fortunate enough to find many comments done by real people doing real tests (sometimes feeling that they made the wrong buy, sometimes being happy with their router, sometimes finding a solution to their initial problem). So, I decided to share this newly accumulated knowledge. Here is a list of routers that certainly work, of routers that are limited in this context, and of routers that never survive to the P2P test. You draw your own conclusions; I am going to buy a LinkSys BEFSX41.



3Com OCR 812 - thanks to ryoga79
Abocom CAS2047 with 600 connections - thanks to noleo
ActionTec 1520 Home DSL Gateway - thanks to Black_Ice
Allied Telesyn AT-AR240E - thanks to aibarz
Belkin F5D5230-4 - thanks to hughwi
Belkin F5D5230-4 - thanks to hellbank
Cisco 677 - thanks to NeONiZer
Cisco 678 with a dynamic IP - thanks to Vintious
Cisco SOHO77 - thanks to Emu4evr
D-Link DI-604 - thanks to Poltergeist
D-Link DI-604 - thanks to cobase
D-Link DI-604 - thanks to wadimarcus
D-Link DI-704 D-Link 504 Broadband - thanks to buchman
D-Link DSL-504 - thanks to gphillips
D-Link DSL-504 - thanks to osiris_2000
D-Link DSL-504 - thanks to Rarkov
D-Link DSL-604+ - thanks to Tigre
D-Link 614+ DrayTek Vigor 2600 - thanks to Abo-Jo
Draytek Vigor 2600We - thanks to General_Zod
Lancom (ELSA) Router 1610 / 1611i, latest firmware - thanks to superhannes551
Linksys BEFSR41 v2 - thanks to PC_Arcade
Linksys BEFSX41 - thanks to Innuendo
LinkSys BEFSX41 - thanks to waynebike
LinkSys BEFSR81 - thanks to spinjector
Netgear DG814
Netgear DG824M
Netgear MR814 (v2) - thanks to Schizophonic
Netgear MR814 (v2) - thanks to Shinken
Netgear RP114/RT311/RT314/MR314/RO318 - according to NetGear
Netgear RP614 - thanks to Sparky12
Netgear RP614 (v2) with latest firmware (5.14RC1) - thanks to jerry_terry_bell
Netopia R910, firmware 4.10 - thanks to cided
Netopia 4542 Nexland Pro800 Turbo Router - thanks to DUDS
SMC Barricade 7004 VBR Origo ASR-8100 - thanks to alamski
Solwise SAR7x5 (0.94, 096b) - From Solwise, UK
Thomson/Alcatel Speedtouch 510v4 in NAT mode - thanks to gyre
Thomson 510i - thanks to Black_Owl
Siemens Santis ADSL 50 - thanks to Quxan
Siemens Speedstream 2614 - thanks to radichi
Sitecom Broadband xDSL / Cable Router 4S (DC-202 v1) - thanks to sinnema
Sitecom xDSL/Cable Router Pro (DC-201) - tested with eMule 0.26 to 0.28b - thanks to Trinsec
SMC Barricade 7004 ABR SMC 7008BR
ZyXel Prestige 650HW with NAT forwarding - thanks to Shtirlits
ZyXEL Prestige 650R-31 on 1024/512 - thanks to Mr_Fox
ZyXEL Prestige 652R-11 - thanks to Geo66
A-Link Roadrunner 44B - thanks to Sebastian

More or less working

Alcatel Speedtouch Pro - Set max connections to 75 in emule, use PPTP as well as NAT if your ISP supports mutiple connections (VCP/VCI) - thanks to Orakel
Alcatel Speedtouch Pro - Set max connections to 15 - thanks to topol1no
AMX-CA64E - just upgrade to the new GN1220 firmware
Conexant CA61E chipset based ADSL Router - max connections around 300-400, new connections/5s to 10-15 (or crashing) - thanks to MagicEyes
D-Link DSL-500G - max connections to 30 - thanks to Atabek
Eicon Diva 2430 turned in 2440 after firmware hacking. Be sure to set a maximum of 100 connections - thanks to diesis
Linksys wireless-G broadband router 54g - I have a high ID but very slow downloads - thanks to blindone
Inventel DW-B200 WiFi Access Point - with max connection to 100 - thanks to sober
Netgear RT314 - Set Max Connections to less than 250, or find alternative firmware - thanks to EisFrei
Netgear MR314 - Set max connections to 100 to avoid general unstable behaviour - Upgrade to latest firmware and this problem can be fixed.
NetGear RO318 Security Router over BlonderTongue CableModem (slow downloads) Zyxel prestige 603. eMule works great but... When eMule is connected, nothing work (ie, mozilla, ftp...)
Netgear DG824M - Upload (Limits) = 10, Max sources per file, hardlimit = 300, Connection limits, Max connections = 50 - thanks to Swampy
Netgear RP614 - * limit sources to 300 * limit connections to 50 * limit upload to 10 * limit downloads to 2 or 3 (keep the rest paused) This will stop your router from freezing up or slowing down websurfing - thanks to spinsane
Netgear RP614 - Set "Idle Timeout (in minutes)" to 500 or more - thanks to iwannaplaycs
OvisLink OV-711C ADSL Modem and Router - only locks up every few weeks - thanks to JackTripper
Speedstream 2602 - only with emaul25 or lower - thanks mope54
Trendnet TW100-S4W1CA - limit to Max Connections 350 - thanks to slowsilver
Zoom X4 - with max connections set to 40 now and hard limit set to 400 - thanks to Vallentha
ZyXEL Prestige 324 - use SUA only - thanks to slowsilver
ZyXEL Prestige 642R - It only crash every about 600hours of emule use (max conn set to 250) - thanks to pccracks
ZyXEL Prestige 643 - possibly with slow downloads - thanks to Mim
3Com OCR 812 - thanks to ryoga79

Not working

Solwise SAR110 - known problem for Solwise, UK
Bintec X1200 - thanks to lordgreg
Linksys WRT54G and WRT55AG - with limited upload (14-50kb/s) - thanks to Apollo
Netgear DG814 - Problem with emule 0.26
Netgear DM602 - confirmed from Netgear by Rarkov
Netgear DM602 ADSL Modem plugged into a Netgear FM114P router fails DNS resolution after about 5 - 10 minutes of eMule v0.29a running - thanks to Sighs
Netgear MR814 (v1) - thanks to FromageTheDog
Netgear MR814 (v1) - thanks to Shinken
Olitec Rx400 - will stop (need reboot) - thanks to Florent
ZyXEL Prestige 650R-11 - could be a firmware problem - thanks to tomji
Com OCR 812 - thanks to ryoga79

With an ADSL FreeBox?

Linksys BEFSX41 is really easy to install. As the other Linksys by the way. You just plug the Freebox on the "WAN" port. By default, it is configured to collect the IP address using DHCP (thanks to Nothing to do, nothing to complain about.

On the LAN side, you plug each PC on one of the 4 LAN ports. If they are configured for DHCP, (default Windows configuration), they will get their IP address at boot time. In any case, the help CD-ROM is very thorough.

As my network is already statically configured (not the dfault Linksys mode), it took me 15 minutes more, but without any hitch or surprise. It all started working immediately.

For the time being, the maximum P2P traffic I got is over 120 kB/s (with an average around 50-80 kB/s varying in time). My Freebox is not supposed to be limited here, but the connection is very stable (Since mid-April 2004 when I installed the router) and... these figures are mostly depending on the capacity of the servers in front of me.

Added on 15 June: I don't knwo where it comes from ( or the router) but I had several rough traffic breaks with significantly decreased download rates (back to 0, loss of all ongoing downloads, then start again) while the upload is still going. I don't think the router is the origin (if it had real problems, both directions of network should fall simultaneously). I think is doing something, but there is no proof yet.

Addition to 15 June note: Finally, this was only very temporary. Probably a network reconfiguration of some sort.

Freebox: important notice

Do not forget that in April 2004, Free started to filter our the ports 4661 of some of its users. Most recent eDonkey clients know how to use an auxiliary port (like port 80) to run around this problem. Today (October 2005), this filtering seems all gone or only partially applied by Free.

People using BitTorrent don't need to worry about this (since most serious BitTorrent clients now use a random port that becomes very difficult to stop).

FreeBox + BESFX41 - one year later

All the details in the 2nd part.

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