How to accelerate eMule under Windows 98


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eMule +

First, I'm using eMule+ instead of eMule. And a recent version of this software, while I'm at it. On the one hand, eMule+ is needed if you want to have a decent user interface (for your own confort) and the more ancient software version you use, the more risk some servers will decide to reclassify you as a worthless user and you will wait longer than necessary for your downloads to finish.

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Optimize Windows 98

Yes, I am still using this old Windows 98se, but I can tell you don't intend to use my American Express Gold card to give stash to Microsoft for WinXP. So, there are a few little things to do to ensure a perfect operation (and this is real work).

The problems to solve are:

Conclusion: We need to change all this quickly. Good news: There are plenty of software applications that can do this easily for you. My prefered: TweakMASTER Pro (it is not free, but the demonstration version is valid 30 days and you only need it once and for all to optimize your connection) and EasyMTU v3.0.

If you do not want to use these tools, it is still feasible (even if a bit dangerous - a false move is sometimes too easy and too dangerous) to enter REGEDIT and to add your own key (string) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\VxD\MSTCP\MaxConnections with the value of "512". But in order to find the ideal MTU without assistance, it will be a bit hard.

Note: If you did not understand a word here, just use the recommended tools.

Optimize eMule+

Of course, there is still a small effort to do with the eMule+ software itself. The small things that worked really for me are:

What is really useless for me:

Before this, I had a hard time keeping a 20-25 kB/s speed on my ADSL line. Today, I get a continuous average of more than 35-40 kB/s with high points at 75-80 kB/s (and more exceptionnaly - once or twice a day - real crisis at 110-120 kB/s).

This is not as good as the figures I regularly got with a dedicated GNU/Linux Debian PC, but it is damn near. Or near enough that I no longer really want to keep a dedicated PC operating just for this task.

My configuration

At last, a few details that may influence to compare with others. Here is my configuration:

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