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Images taken with my Maxxum/Dynax 7D

Bois de Boulogne on January

The very first work of my new DSLR from Konica-Minolta.

Beware, when clicking, you receive a full resolution image (6MP). I'd suggest that you should have an ADSL/cable connection here. This is intended to give a test view as exact as possible of what is produced by this nice Konica Minolta Maxxum/Dynax 7D digital camera when used in very fine JPEG compression. However, I will not deliver the RAW format files (they are my actual digital negative film).

Paris - La Défense

Light at dawn

Roofs of Paris

Toits et cheminées  Roofs and chimneys  Chimneys and roofs

Graphic photography

The heavy works to create the South Paris tramway line are an opportunity to collect news photos. However, I rather took advantage of the opportunity to study an abstract subject using the various available colors and the numerous material textures found there.

Rail  Rail  Arrêt interdit

Stock de manif - pavés  Tubes  Tubes de bronze

Plastique contre plastique  Barrières
Rouge et jaune  Tubes et rouge

Tuyau noir et tuyau jaune  Ombre sur tâche jaune



Light at dawn

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