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For a few years I've been taking snapshots and I like using a camera. I own a nice Minolta Maxxum 9xi with a 28-105 zoom and a 200 Apo G tele-lens. These pages are the results of using these tools plus a few older photos I got out of the previous Minolta cameras I used (SRT-100x and XD-7). They've been produced with the help of the HP PhotoSmart scanner (2400 dpi on negatives and slides).

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Since I could not (yet) go shooting (photos!) in an african safari, I stayed near Paris in the Thoiry park.


Merry go round!

I spent recently a few hours around this one. It is located at the foot of the Eiffel tower in Paris and on a sunny day, I found it a good basis for a few images. I specially like the little donkey in the middle of all those horses.

Ane à la fleur   Cheval à la fleur

Paris by night and day

I'm in love with Paris which is a providing some nice snapshots.

La tour Eiffel dans le brouillard   Chevaux aux Tuileries   Paris - Front de Seine   Soleil couchant sur Paris

Place de la concorde de nuit   La tour Eiffel dans le brouillard

USA 1998

A few images brought back from the US where I spent a few weekends in 1998.

The Merrimack river (Massachussets)   L'automne dans le Massachussets   Cold is seizing two trees   Trois arbres au soleil de l'automne

The Chrysler building and fumes   Boat arriving at New York   An explosion at the Universal Studios (Holliwood)  

Paris - La Villette Jazz Festival 1997

Before that July 1997, I did not know about photography of artistic performances. A few rolls later...

Howard Johnson and Gravity: This is a nice jazz group of tuabs. Great sound, great rythm, great swing.

La Villette Jazz Festival 1997

Howard Johnson and Gravity   Howard Johnson   Tuba player from Gravity




Poitiers' Futuroscope and other locations where my Minolta Maxxum 9xi camera decided to bring a small souvenir of light on glass.

Reflet2 à Paris   Reflet3 à Paris   Reflet4 à Paris

Futuroscope de Poitiers   Reflet1 à Paris   Réflection aux Invalides

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