Las Vegas, California, San Francisco

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A few rental cars in Vegas, and this is the result. A red car, a yellow car.

Red car
Red car

Yellow car
Yellow car

The Death Valley

A few early morning snapshots from this very hot location (Bad water, Zabriskie point, Ubehebe crater, Scotty's castle).

Death valley - Ubehebe crater   Scotty's castle

Death valley - Bad water   Death valley - Zabriskie point   Death valley - Zabriskie point


Some more-or-less local animals (including San Francisco seals, a snow tiger in Las Vegas, pelicans).

San Francisco seals
San Francisco seals


White tiger, red tiger, snow tiger
White tiger (snow tiger), red tiger


Pelicans in San Francisco
Pelicans in the sunset (San Francisco)

Yosemite National Park

A few images brought back from the US where I spent a few weekends in 1998.

A lake in the Yosemite park:

Tioga Pass in the Yosemite park
Tioga pass (Yosemite)


Trees in the Yosemite valley:

Sequoias in the Yosemite valley   Arbres

San Francisco

Bicycle in the sunset (San Francisco)
Bicycle in the sunset (San Francisco)


The sky is the limit
In San Francisco, the sky is the limit

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