Do-It-Yourself anonymous proxy

It may be a little oddity, but I feel it’s an interesting idea for all those who want to browse the web anonymously. Usually, there is only one solution: using an anonymizer proxy, but APAZ is bringing you a nice twist to it by allowing you to build your own anonymizer proxy (a server allowing to hide the actual origin of a web communication).

APAZ is a small PHP software that can be installed nearly anywhere you can host a small PHP-based web application. It provide on-demand anonymizer proxy. It’s no longer necessary to dig into long lists of more or less available proxy servers.

Congratulations to Emmanuel Saracco for this simple and good idea. Download from

2 Replies to “Do-It-Yourself anonymous proxy”

  1. Thanks for article. But in my opinion the people do not need to use only web proxy if they would to stay anonymous.
    What about TOR that is easy to set up, give a high anonymity and free.
    Or what about using other sources that provide proxies. For example excellent site with a lot working servers is ProxyBlind. They have a really good public free proxy anonymous server list that can be used for chaining. And chaining of proxy servers will increase your anonymity and make almost impossible to trace you back.

  2. A little answer:

    TOR: I tried it an was rather unimpressed by the performance. Additionally, it got my IP address banned from SlashDot (I can no longer post there, after a couple of days of test).

    Other sources: Didn’t you look at the links in the post? I have a decent list of these other sources. You can post some more, if you want to.

    ProxyBlind: Definitely not the easiest to use by me.

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