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When the movie director Ra’up McGee wanted to distribute his motion picture Automne, he did not find the reception he hoped for. In France, he was offered about 30 theaters (you can understand: Nearly nothing). Sure! His subject of a hit man tormented by his conscience would be attractive to a large audience but the director is totally unknown. Despite international awards, McGee decided that the movie was worth more than this furtive presentation. Now, it’s yours to judge since McGee is a real gambler: He launched the movie on Google Video where you can see it for free.

As I am ready to all sacrifices for the pleasure of my visitors 🙂 you will find the movie itself at the bottom of this post, without even needing to click on a link to Google! But this is not the usual two minutes film. You’ll get one hour and a half of movie.


A dramatic story of a hit man who -against his will- starts feeling and hesitating.

In many ways, this movie from an American director who fell in love with French crime drama is a tribute: French actors, filmed in and around Paris, with a French touch. A first film that deserves an audience.

The Internet distribution seems to be a very good idea both because it gives us an opportunity to a free movie theater ticket and because it leaves enough incentive to go and buy the DVD if you liked the movie (I have to admit that Google Video is nearing its limits here: the image quality is limited but the image and sound flow is sometimes cut even after letting a lot of data reaching the internal buffer).

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