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A number of reasons may lead you to anonymous web surfing. For example, you may want to visit you competitor web site, you may not be accepting to be contacted back later if the owner of the web site can recognize who you are.

Unfortunately, it is very easy for the webmaster to identify you, to find you again later, and to track you in many electronic ways. It does not mean that people do this routinely, or that they take real advantage of it when they do, but I remember being in a company where we took real pleasure in browsing through the list of visiting people to uor web site - and finding some of our worst/best competition.



Thanks to all those who inform me when they found a closed site or a new one It makes easier to maintain this list fully up to date for all of us.

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There are a few web site helping you to browse anonymously. I try to update it (following the many changes of the web landscape):