• Artificial Intelligence to upscale photographs

    Artificial Intelligence to upscale photographs

    Did you notice that I am interested with/attracted by Artificial Intelligence? Among various tests, here is a nice little resulting application for digital photographers. I finally found how to significantly (x4) increase the resolution of my photographic pictures (upscaling) without loss of details. An AI allowed me to recreate the “missing pixels” to build a…

  • Install LLAMA under Windows

    Install LLAMA under Windows

    I just wanted to start playing with something similar to ChatGPT. I have a Windows 10 PC based on Intel i9-13900K (so pretty much top of the line in terms of performance both for single core and for multicore) and 64 GB of DRAM (a bit over what most people have, but I understood from the…

  • Evolution to favor user privacy

    Evolution to favor user privacy

    After the recent information updates from CNIL and other European privacy-supporting public agencies (in Austria, in Italy, etc.), it was becoming clear that the use of Google Analytics to track visitor statistics on our web site was non-compliant with parts of the requirements of GDPR (specifically but not only, because Google data is stored in…

  • Alphabet evolution and hyphens

    Alphabet evolution and hyphens

    Thanks to very interesting (and very simple) web site of Paul Hsieh GeekPress, I want to share today with you two little gems about English scripture. You certainly knew that the alphabet we use (A to Z) has not always existed. You may have suspected that it was evoving in time from older scripts. Matt…

  • Happy New Year 2022!

    Happy New Year 2022!

  • How to copy a CD-A in FLAC with Exact Audio Copy?

    How to copy a CD-A in FLAC with Exact Audio Copy?

    Exact Audio Copy (aka EAC) is the perfect tool to extract music data out of an audio CD or CD-A (to rip a CD) and convert it to a flexible audio file format like MP3, or even better into FLAC. Not only is it able to read the data and transfer it, but it is…