WordPress installation

The installation of a brand new blog engine on a web site like mine (containing a lot of things I do not want to change despite the useful addition of new features) was something I feared slightly.

It was not half as difficult as what I expected. Let’s see how it went.

First files

The first step is to download the package from the WordPress web site and to unpack it in the web site structure. Since this is not a very big engine, it happens in a few minutes only.

I also added a subdirectory uploads in the wp-content directory (it will hold the published images for the articles).

Then, I just published the pack using FTP (actually, the FTP publication component of my dear DreamWeaver).

Installation script

Then, comes the need to run the install program. It is a small script that you will be suggested to run if you try to run the WordPress without going through the installation steps (easy, eh!).

You just have to provide the most obvious information: an email address, a blog title, basic database information (database name, user and password; I modified the table prefix to wen_ since I intend to have separate installation for English language and French language WordPress). Then, you are provided an admin password and you can start publishing to your blog (or modifying the basic configuration).

Note: For more details abou the installation of the French version, I’d suggest you go and check the equivalent article on my French news site.

About one hour to cleanly install two WordPress engines (one for English, one for French – including the language-specific options) and to write two new articles for each language (including this installation description). Not bad.

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