Everest Home Edition

There are days when you are lazy (you don’t want to open the box of your PC to check what’s under the hood). There are days when all is against you (that cheap PC card only has a reference number printed on it). The rest of the time you’d just like to have a nap.

Everest Home EditionHere comes Everest Home Edition (successor to AIDA32), a freeware that allows to detect your hardware and software configuration. It comes most handy when you have no clue as to what your hardware is (It happened to me recently with an old PowerColor Radeon VE graphic card that did not show any sign of recognition and I could not find the right driver). This little gem of software will simply tell you all about your hardware and software equipment (it did recognize all of this old hadrware I was using).

Unfortunately, Everest Home Edition is no longer distributed (or it is discontinued) by its original manufacturer (Lavalys). You will have to use Google to find it. But the program is a little gem.

I found it on MajorGeeks.com. You may find it elsewhere, too.

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