Masai Mara National Park, Kenya

Some information for the photographer going to Masai Mara.


Some maps collected on the Internet to give you minimal directions or some orientation. As you can see, this is really bordering the Tanzanian Serengeti reserve (South to Masai Mara).

Masai Mara map

Masai Mara National Park - map

The safari from Objectif Nature happens in the Western part of the Park, South of Oloololo gate.


Apart from the animals I spotted and you can see on the photos (including lions everywhere, some cheetahs, rare leopards), I was told there are a few black rhinos (very hard to see).

Best time to go

When go to Masai Mara National Park

July/August is the time to see the migration of wildebeest (and zebras) over the Mara river. Millions of animals moving at the same time, impressive sights, compelling occasions to hunt for all carnivores (lions and crocodiles). But the exact date depends heavily on rain patterns and change each year.

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