Masai Mara – high point (female cheetah)

During my recent photo safari to the Masai Mara park, there is a time to be singled out. It allowed me to take the following photo.

Kennie, the female cheetah

As a matter of fact, this magnificent female cheetah is less that two meters from me…

It is sitting on the roof of the car we used.


Photo Marc WunderlichI’m on the left, along with Alain Saunier our photo guide from Objectif Nature. On the preceeding photos, much less sure of what to do, you would only see the top of my head. Ken, our driver was shocked; It was the first time he had this experience and was totally unable to know exactly where the animal was sitting.

After a few seconds of intense emotion, I managed to get my eyes and my camera out of the open roof and to shoot backlit portraits (I would not even think to talk her into moving).

PICT2047.jpg PICT2043.jpg PICT2038.jpg

It appears that this young female in pregnant and was not named yet. We decided that she should be named Kennie (after Ken, our driver). We’ll see if the name is kept by the local photographers, guides and rangers.

No other snapshot brought my heart to such speeds.


At some point, the tail of the cheetah was lowered inside the car through the open roof. despite multiple friendly suggestions, neither Miguel nor Daniel tried to check if it was for real.

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