Minolta compatibility

For all those who wonder about the compatibility of Minolta lenses and accessories bought before the move to digital technology with the recent Konica-Minolta Digital SLR (Dynax 7D and Dynax 5D), I can give some bits of advice that may be useful before buying a body from Konica-Minolta.

First, the Minolta lenses seem to have no compatibility problem. In some rare cases, it has been heard that Sigma lenses had to be brought back to after-sales department to be refitted with a new chip and be made compatible again with the new Konica-Minolta bodies. In my case, Minolta Xi 28-105mm zoom (with its featured motor-actuated zoom feature), Minolta 200mm/2.8 APO G tele-lens (and not a young one) and the Sigma 400mm/5.6 tele-lens all worked well at the first try.

On the contrary, flashes seem to be in trouble. For me, the Minolta 3500xi flash never produced a correct image (as announced by Konica-Minolta). I bought a second-hand Minolta 5600HS (I got a considerable power boost, too).

For Jean-Pierre A.

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