Masai Mara – from behind

Taking a good photo is not always east. But with animals, it becomes daringly difficult if the model decided not to cooperate. In a 1000 photos taken during the course of the safari in the Masai Mara National Park in March, there were a few interesting failures or good photos (depending on your taste). The most obvious ones are shown here.


Sometimes, I decided that the front is not the most interesting part of the model. This is the case of this elephant whose hindquarters appeared a more interesting subject (because of the lovely leather structure):


Elephant, back leather

Elephant, back leather

Zebra, from behind

A zebra, from behind


Some animals are just too fast for me:


Eagle, from behind


African hare, back view

African hare

Heron, feet

Heron, feet



Sometimes, there is no excuse (or is there?):


Gnu, too late for a live photo

I came much too late for the portrait of this gnu.


I could not decently grab her tail to obtain a picture of her face, I caught her cute ears though.


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