P2P with your buddies (and without the cops)

This is the promise of a product that is not even available yet but could well behave like a FireFox plug-in (an extension to the famous Internet browser). Developed in Prague, it is becoming the center of all talks while it is not even available to download: AllPeers.

As a matter of fact, this is the emerging tip of a new iceberg for P2P technologies. Knowing that the RIAA, the MPAA, the FBI, local police, etc. decided to go after all the users of P2P software (even if they are not very efficient at this) when they are using them to download copyrighted files (like rock songs or blockbuster movies), this tip floats on the announced under-water ice of arriving DarkNets. It is a P2P technology for friends only. Instead of seeing millions of other unknown people who to download from, you connect directly only to people you know and the DarkNet fragments so deeply that it becomes impossible to catch particpants. No direct link to anybody, but several hops between you and other P2P users. The inspiration seems to be paramilitairy networks of resistance to oppression or urban guerilla groups.

Future will tell us if this becomes overwhelmingly used for file transfers/sharing in the coming years.

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