Canon switches to pigments

Epson will have to worry about this.

While during a long time Epson was the undeniable champion of ink jet print longevity thanks to its unique pigment-based inks (inherently more durable than dye-based color inks of its competitors), Canon just announced a new professional ink jet printer, the iPF 5000 (MSRP $1,945) using a 12-color pigmented Lucia ink system that includes black, matte black and two shades of gray to improve on black&white prints.

Additionally, Canon introduces the Pixma Pro9500 (MSRP $849) which uses 10 colors (including two black cartridges and one gray one), and printing in A3+.

Everything leads us to the conclusion that Canon is preparing an extension of this approach to cheaper products, for the obvious pleasure of all consumers willing to produce great photographic prints.

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