100% risk-free P2P file sharing

This is more or less the promise of the Freenet project. They just announced the availability of their fully-rewritten software program in its 0.7 version. But what is it really?

Indeed, Freenet decided to adopt a cryptography solution and a total protection approach to confidentiality in file sharing (the P2P way) while allowing – opposite to what competitors are doing – the structuration and the organization of networks – darknets – of truly global size ambition.

Using a technology borrowed to the highest military secrets, Freenet organizes a network where:

  • each participant only communicates with a limited number of partners – very discrete
  • it is impossible to know what files are actually exchanged between users
  • it is impossible to know what each node of the network is doing – download client or upload file server distribution

Version 0.7 has been rebuilt-re-written from scratch and is supposed to be infinitely more robust than the previous ones. If you have a few hours to spend, it may be a very enlighting experience to test such a network if you consider replacing your old Kazaa, or eMule/eDonkey or Bittorrent.

Download v0.7

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