Portable phones allowed in plane! more or less…

It’s been years that flight attendants repeat to bored flight passengers that portable phones should be switched off during the flight because they may interfere with navigation equipment of the plane.

Also, it’s been years that Boeing and Airbus tested this hypothesis and found no risk at all. But nobody wants to take the risk of changing international flight regulations. Up to now, when Air France decided to change the face of in-plane phone.

As a matter of fact, on some Airbus A319 flights (starting with Paris to North Africa travels), Air France should introduce this Summer an in-flight SMS distribution service. That will ask for keeping the phone switched on or even using it during the flight.

It may change a number of current habits. Or maybe not, since a test done a few months ago in the United States of America has shown that in all flights there is at least one switched on phone in the plane – these are average figures – either in a piece of luggage, or in a passenger pocket or even used by the passenger. Under the funny pretext of new planes, we may start having the right to use portable phones again in the coming months or years.

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