Pentax goes blur-free

As many camera makers now, Pentax is reaching for technology that provides the promise of blur-free images. While Canon and Nikon aimed at stabilized lenses for their SLR cameras, Pentax chose an approach more similar to what Konica Minolta initiated with a mobile CCD sensor that is moved slightly by magnetic forces according to information provided by a motion sensor included in the body of the new K100D camera.

This is interesting because all the lenses are instantaneously stabilized (by the body). On the opposite, Canon and Nikon lens approach brings a magic kind of feeling: When you look into the eye piece, the image does not move while your unsteady hand trembles. But, please, notice that Pentax is bringing this to a camera that is targeting to low end segment of the D-SLR market.

The other important features of the Pentax K100D seem to be:

  • An 11 point AutoFocus promises very good performance
  • A 2.5″ LCD monitor seems to become the de facto standard today
  • 6 million pixel image
  • AA standard batteries (end to the war of camera battery standards?)

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