Chernobyl caused by a video game

During a suprise check at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant, inspectors found a guard so deeply engrossed in his video game on a portable console that he did not see them come (and failed to answer to a security-related radio check call). Of course, the control ends in bad result (it was not the only case of insufficient job attention during the surpris check in a nuclear power plant infamous for having been the location of the second gravest nuclear accident after Chernobyl).

Nobody accused the pilots of the Chernobyl plant of playing video games during the dreadful accident whose anniversary was celebrated last month. They probably did not have access to such a technology. So, I guess they were playing with the plant itself. What’s best?

Side note: Video games are authorized by the administrative body controling American nuclear power plants (because of their specific mind-stimulating qualities). It may change soon.

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