GBuy, new Google weapon against PayPal

28th June, Google will initiate the operation of GBuy. There was a persistent rumour of the interest of Google to go foray into the PayPal market. It seems that GBuy will be a new payment system (exactly like PayPal from eBay), but it will also be connected to the global search engine. This could give some little advantages to the Internet users (some search results will be tagged as using GBuy – supposedly better or easier to use) or to the marketing people (linking search habits and consumer habits could lead to an as-yet-unseen marketing power).

Everybody expected eBay/PayPal to fight back (the best defence is attacking): Look for eBay AdContext, the new advertisment proposal by eBay (in direct competition with Google AdWords – used on this web site).

Things will soon become very interesting for the external observer.

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