7D/A100 – Compared advantages

Seeing the recent launch of the new Sony Alpha A100, some people asked me whether they should buy immediately a Konica-Minolta Dynax/Maxxum 7D or wait a little more for a Sony Alpha A100. So, let’s try to summarize the situation.

My motto, seeing the short delay, Wait for image quality. the Alpha A100 will not be perfect, but if you really are tempted, Sony A100 is good enough.

Alpha A100 advantages:

  • Larger resolution : Sony will allow you to easily print in A3 size (instead of a good A4).
  • Sensor auto-clean
  • Light-weight camera

Dynax/Maxxum 7D advantages:

  • Superb viewfinder (if you come from a non-digital camera, you may find using most other cameras – including the Sony Alpha A100 – like looking into a keyhole).
  • Very robust mechanical design. It’s heavy but you know that it won’t break if you are rough with it.
  • Price falling down since it was discontinued. There are great stock-emptying offers for new cameras and the second-hand market is following. Astounding offers while it lasts.

Both cameras are currently difficult to get. Sony will appear at the end of July (possible shortage at start, pre-ordering only for now). Maxxum/Dynax is fast becoming impossible to buy new (stocks are evaporating quickly).

All in all, I don’t think that this should really be an open question. Both cameras are strictly different and most people should have no difficulty in choosing. But, now, you know the reasons. It all comes from what kind of camera user you are.

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