The new 10 Mega-pixel Nikon D80

Nikon did not wait for the opening of the Koeln Photokina (moved to the end of September, later than usual) before announcing the details about its new Digital SLR, the Nikon D80. I would assume that this is because of the rush produced by the Sony Alpha A100. But nobody would dare to confirm this.

A few notable elements:

  • 10 mega-pixel sensor: This is the new battle ground for all the manufacturers in the end of this year (look also at the new Pentax D-SLR line).
  • The color matrix used for exposure is unfortunately coming from the D50 and not from the D70s or D200 (This would have been a killer feature for the entry-level of the Nikon line).
  • The AF module comes from the Nikon D200 (This is very good indeed).
  • SD memory card (Compact Flash cards seem to become reserved to the high-end products despite the fact that they are less expensive than SD).
  • 100 to 1600 ISO sensitivity (with a Hi-3200 ISO option). If the quality is met too, it will hurt the competition (Guess if I look at Sony!).

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