Step 2: Rent web publishing space

After reserving a domain name, your web site does not really move yet. You need to have some space where to put your data (your text, your images, etc.). Usually this is a space rented to a hosting company.

Note: It is true that you could buy this space (instead of renting it); You would just have to get a computer or some Internet appliance, but this solution often is not really applicable to a site that do not expect more than a few thousands visitors per day (most personal web sites will not get more than a few visitors per day).

Then, you will be crushed by the amazing choice option available (probably, if you just look at the ads on this page, you’ll find more than 4 different offers for hosting your web site). Choice is only more difficult, but I will just give a small bit of advice that you wan even use as a reference comparison. For me, it will be and I point at a low-cost but very good offer named 20gp.

When I say low cost, I may mean cheap (but feature-full): 1.20€ per year (+1.20€ one-off installation costs). This will lead us to a full expense on the first year of less than 20€ (counting the domain name reservation). Indeed, it is affordable to anybody also able to pay for an Internet connection.

We will then be able to create the link between the domain name (still in our example) and the hosting company we just hired. But before leaving the premises of the hosting company we must get an information that is usually provided in the email you just received after paying the hosted web space: The name and/or address of the DNS server located inside the hosting company. Write it down and keep it safe for now.

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