Top 6 features of the new D-SLR cameras

In September, for the Photokina, we will see a wave of new digital cameras rushing onto us (there is already the Alpha A100 de Sony (already here) and the Nikon D80 (just appearing)).

What will be the features that will make the success or the failure of these new Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras? I offer you my own decoding list:

  1. Less than 999€: The maximum price to reach the consumer market (not only the enthusiasts)
  2. 10 Mega pixels: This is the needed resolution to reach A3-size prints
  3. Image stabilisation: To allow super-tele lenses, there will be more and more image stabilisers (either in the lens or – better – in the body)
  4. 1600-3200 ISO sensitivity with low digital noise: This is the most interesting distinction between a D-SLR and comapct camera in terms of image quality
  5. Automated cleaning of the digital sensor: A very appreciated addition
  6. Continuous shooting for more than 5 images, or more than 10 images, or until the memory card is full

Unfortunately, it seems that there will not be in this list anything like a standard battery pack size (we’ll still have to shuffle batteries from one body to the next).

You can also offer your own features to make it a top 10.

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