Canon follows: Rebel Xti, or 370D

Canon 370D / Canon Rebel XtiAfter so many news from the competition (Digital SLR cameras from Sony, Nikon, Pentax), Canon could not leave the field open for them. Without waiting for the upcoming Photokina, Canon starts letting some information flow about its newest digital reflex camera (or the Internet news hunters got wind of some bits before the official announcement in 3 days).

The Canon 370D (in Europe) or Canon Rebel Xti (in the US) would be a 10 mega-pixel version of the well-known and very successful Canon 350D or Canon Rebel Xt.

Canon 370D / Canon Rebel XtiExpect a cheaper plastic body (keep costs down!) to cover the new 10M-pixel sensor and a big 2.5″ LCD back screen. Not much before the final announcement… (source: Chasseur d’Images and DPReview).

And now, the full information is available. See my own news with pointers to detailed reviews.

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