BEFSX41 upgrade: v1.52.9/10 is still crap

LinksysMy home LAN router is a Linksys BEFSX41 (v1.0) as you may remember from my previous information about Linksys BEFSX41 upgrades. A few days ago, I decided to come back to upgrading the router (in the faint hope of increasing its performance).

The latest firmware available for download is currently 1.52.10. However, my first move was to go and look around to see what kind of experience others would have about it. The most interesting part was opening the Linksys forums at DSLreport.

From my point of view, it’s clear that even if we have been waiting a couple of years to see a new stable version of the firmware it is not yet time to upgrade safely.

My advice is still to keep the old v1.45.3 (or possibly v1.45.7) obtained from their FTP site.

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