Your DSLR for Christmas

Christmas is coming with the usual rush for techno gifts. Digital cameras are going to be (again) one of the successes for Christmas gifts. Even more, the Digital Single Lens Reflex (D-SLR) cameras are going to be impossible to avoid. Customers seem to be understanding that compact digital cameras are limited and the SLR cameras are a hit in the stores.

What should you buy?

I want… I go for…
A bargain price The Nikon D40 or the Canon 400D/Rebel Xti fight around 590€/650€
10 mega-pixels The Nikon D80 or the Canon 400D/Rebel Xti or the Sony Alpha 100
Sturdiness and etancheity The Nikon D200 or the Pentax K10D
Small form factor The Olympus Evolt E400 is impressively small and still very powerful
Image stabilization on all your lenses The Sony Alpha 100, the Pentax K110D or K10D
Excellent light exposure All the Nikons (except D40 and D50) use a marvelous 1000+ color pixel sensor for exposure only. The best solution of the market.
Superb viewfinder The Sony Alpha A100 (uses the exceptional Minolta Acutemate glass), the Sigma SD14 or the Nikon D200. Most other cameras lack basic eye confort.

Then, it’s up to you to decide. It seems that there is no longer bad products, but price differences are significant between all those models (from 590€ to nearly 2000€). And Canon and Nikon are overwhelmingly leading the digital single lens reflex camera market.

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