Crysis expected Mid 2007

Crysis is going to be the hit game from Crytek (previously producer of the hit game FarCry). But there is the big issue of when such a game is going to appear on our screens. Today, we read an article in the Inquirer that gives some details about the launch. Or lack of.

Crysis is still in Pre-Alpha stage. You can understand that it’s far from being available and testing just started.

The launch is expected mid-2007. You can understand that the Beta version may be available before Summer and Launch is probably going to happen later (maybe before Christmas).

The game looks great on a G80, Geforce 8800 GTX, Core 2 duo and it provides 60 FPS+, at almost all times. I understand that it’s going to request a pretty powerful graphics card but not necessarily the latest G-iron, and that you should not expect this too be acceptable on a small CPU. We’ll see…

Crysis image

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