AMD-ATI R600 first to full HDMI

High Definition Multimedia Interface - HDMI (for HDCP)


R600 = X2800 boards
R630 = X2600 boards
R610 = X2300 boards

We were wondering why the R6x0 family of graphics chipsets from AMD-ATI was so late compared to the 8800 family of boards from nVidia. Part of the answer may come from the fact that AMD-ATI made a move toward full integration of HDMI (High Definition) in the graphics board.

R600 will be able to handle two full streams of video and audio to full resolution displays (1080p or 1440p). It is quite possible that the little brothers of the R600 (R610 and R630) will be limited to one stream-display only, but the added work associated to this integration may lead to the best HD audio+video in the graphics market place.

Would this lead to a split of the market between nVidia for high-end gaming solutions and AMD for the HD video solutions (while graphics integrated to the mother board would still be shared by both contenders)? I wonder.






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