Lunar eclipse, visible in Europe

Lune par Mark Klotz - Moon by Mark KlotzIf you are in Europe, you are lucky. A full Lunar eclipse is happening on 3rd March 2007 (it’s not that uncommon because the Earth planet is big and near the Moon, so it hides the Sun quite often).

The peak of the eclipse will be at:

  • Paris: 4th March, 00:20
  • London: 3rd March, 23:20
  • Prague: 4th March, 00:20
  • Moscow: 4th March, 02:20

It is better observed with good binoculars (x50 or less to see the full moon, more to check details of the Earth shadow on the Moon surface).

The Moon will never be blackened since Earth atmosphere tends to deflect part of the Sun light and the Moon should redden. The show will start around 2 hours before the peak and will last around 4 hours.

Information: NASA, Ciel et Espace/AfaNet.

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