The best sensor cleaning for Digital SLR cameras

Those who are lucky to read Chasseur d’Images, French photo newspaper (on real pulp paper), European leader on this market, will remember that they just read a comparison of the sensor cleaning of Olympus E-series, Sony Alpha-100, Canon 400D, Pentax K10D and K100D.

Important conclusion: It’s better than nothing, but there’s only the Olympus able to meet the self-chosen requirements. Sony and Pentax are very disapointing.

But the idea was not isolated and the web site rushed to do about the same test. With the same cameras, of course (except the K100D). But they pushed forward with:

  • A total 25 dust cleanings/shakings
  • Two air blows
  • One direct sensor cleaning with a swab and chemical product

Unavoidable conclusion: Olympus is nearly as efficient as chemical cleaning, and ensures that you never need to blow air on the sensor. For the others, the air blower is still better than newer technology and the swab cleaning is unavoidable. Apparently, everybody concurs: The ultrasonic technology (Olympus) is -by far- better than other sensor shaking solutions.

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