Sony: Official photo of new cameras and lenses

We are still waiting for the newest announcements from Sony photo departement. However, got an official image of the 2007-8 line up. We see everything that has been shown in the beginning of the year, but in a much cleared view.

New Sony Alpha line (cameras and lenses)
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For people interested in the longer focals, the most attracting part of the image is on the right. We see a black tele-zoom that points at the long awaited 100-400mm (possibly a f/5.6 to keep the AF coupling with Konica-Minolta and Sony bodies). I hope I read it well and I can’t wait to have this for wildlife photo. Then, there is a prime which looks a lot like a 300mm f/4 that is not the Minolta APO G design. It will have to compare favorably with the second-hand marvels that are still moving around eBay (my own Minolta APO G 300mm/4 is a blue diamond). The last one on the right is certainly a 600mm at f/4. Prepare your significant other now to avoid a heart attack when you will sign the check for this. Prepare your physician for the back aches after lugging this around.

On the left, it’s much more difficult to get certainties. There are three zooms and two primes. Two of the zooms and one of the primes have quite large front lenses pointing to very large apertures (more probable than only wide angles).

We are told that the name of the prosumer camera (on the left in the photo) would be Alpha-300. But nothing is really sure yet.

The pro camera (on the right) is probably no longer the wooden mock-up of PMA, but they keep the odd-looking penta-prism. I wouldn’t comment long, but many people said that this was the clue to a Full-Frame sensor. The counter-argument is still that the Canon 5D did not need to have such a beast of a prism to do full frame. However, many observers still think it would be the right time to introduce a full frame in the Sony line.

Update: Don’t ask about the availability dates. This is very hush-hush at Sony. There is a persistent rumour that the left side camera will be available in June, but it seems quite surprising knwowing that we are already mid-May. Maybe an announcement in June 2007. For the lenses, nobody seems ready to give precise dates; So, it’s still “2007-8”.







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