Crysis: The game entered the last hype phase

You know it, one of the most eagerly anticipated video games ofr this year is going to be Crysis from Electronic Arts. As it is going to be one of the biggest laucnhes of the year, we already see the sound of big marketing working up with a large number of distilled information bits sent progressively to wet the public’s appetite. These days, it produced a few newsworthy tidbits like the press release leaked from EA and confirming that the game will be on the shelves in next September.

Crysis screenshotWe also observed the appearance of partial information about the game use and usability (this comes from the internal development versions of the game that some if the observers could see even though they are still tehcnically limited):

  • Graphic design is still very impressive (you can click on the image on the right to get a rough feeling of what to expect in the snowy/icy environment of the second part of the game – after the tropical island opening sequences of the game).
  • The game will be able to eat up multi-core CPU ressources (even quad-cores – with a video)
  • Many screenshots (here and here)
  • A visit of a pre-E3 Crysis version with screenshots and videos

Last but not least, we can find a large number of big videos available on the net:

Youtube link

I would say that the target is a game with an amazing complexity, an impressive playability (if you master the many different control keys and options), with stunning graphics (even more at high res), but will be able to drown the biggest PC configurations (both in terms of CPU and GPU).

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