No digital noise photography

Guillermo Luijk has a very interesting technique to remove completely all noise from digital photos. We know that this is a difficult task, but his solution is defenitely worth trying.

It is relatively simple. The steps are:

  1. Shot the scene in a correct exposure according to our usual workflow
  2. Repeat the shot now reducing shutter speed by 4 f-stops that will be corrected in the RAW development (this grossly over-exposed shot will keep shadow details without digital noise)
  3. Blend in some way both images obtaining a free of noise final image

The only problem is that we are still waiting for the application software supporting this intelligent approach. Normally, September 2007 should be the deadline for Guillermo.

Comparison of noise and noise-reduced digital images

Final note: Some will certainly want to point that this is very similar to the technique for High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo that, also, blend/combine several shots of the same image to produce a richer/better photo.

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