Nikon D300 release date

Nikon logoFor those of you who missed the detail: The Nikon D300 is slightly more expensive than its direct competition (Sony Alpha 700 or Canon EOS 40D), but it won’t be available until mid-November of 2007. The Canon is already available (in small quantities, though) and fully released. Nikon lovers will still have to wait a little more.

Some fear that the D300 will not be in quantities before the beginning of the year but nothing seems to support such a notion.

Update : it seems that Nikon won’t be able to meet its initial release date. You can expect the camera to be available in December (can you spell “last minute Christmas shopping“?). Furthermore, the European price will take a 200€ increase. All this points to a limited manufacturing capacity (at least compared to the expectations of the public).

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