Spyder Pro to calibrate two LCD displays

I had previously indicated that I successfully calmibrated a Hyundai Q17 LCD display for a better color management. Today, in order to work in the best possible conditions when handling digital photos on my main PC system using a Dell 2407WFP as my primary display and still the same Hyundai Q17 as secondary display, I did again a full color calibration of the screens under Windows XP using a Spyder Pro sensor and the Optical software from Pantone.

The result is as satisfactory as always and allows to come back to a fair color balance that is more precise than before (for the Hyundai display, since the Dell screen is so near to perfection that installing the color profile just built leads to only a really minor colorimetric change).

For those interested in the technical details, here are the characteristics I used:

  • Gamma 2.5 for PC (it would be 1.8 for Mac)
  • Brightness to 0 (LCD displays are generally much to bright for normal use – this makes them nicer on store shelves)
  • Contrast to 50 for the Dell 2407WFP, to 100 for the old Hyundai Q17

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