Yahoo! to be sold? Microsoft ready to buy?

Here comes a weird news even when the worlds of finance and technology collide at high speed. However, this si the core of a rumour running around these days, more precisely since a Microsoft press conference held by Kevin Johnson, their president for Platforms and Services Division, where he told that Microsoft could reach a 30% market share for online search services.

In some countries like France, Google covers more than 90% and this helps forget about the small results of Microsoft MSN Search. At a global level, Microsoft has definitely less than 10% of market share. How to triple this? A gigantic quantum technology leap that would shake the market and change the hierarchy over night? Nobody would bet on this. So, Microsoft must be ready to buy a significant competitor. The most probable one would then be Yahoo!

But is Yahoo really on sale, even if some rumours had been heard a little earlier this year?

A little less than 20% of market share to catch? At what price? When?

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