Pentax K20D and Pentax K200D for PMA?

During the recent weeks, several web sites reported a rumour coming from a Chinese site about a possible announcement by Pentax in their line of Digital Single Lens Reflex (D-SLR) cameras. Currently, the K10D is one of the most impressive nearly-pro cameras on the market despite its low price. The K100D is also an impressively inexpensive DSLR.

Now, will Pentax replace them both (or announce replacements) with K20D and K200D? January 2008 would be right to prepare for major trade shows like the PMA in Las Vegas and CES.

The prosumer-oriented K20D would have a Samsung 14 megapixel sensor, with 14 bit A/D converter (the new kid on the block for image quality and color rendering), improved shake reduction and a 3″ LCD screen (a must for all new D-LSR cameras).

The K200D would have a 10 megapixel Sony sensor, 12-bit image processing, 11 AF points and 3fps continuous shooting. Low specs but right in line with the needs of today’s entry market.

Source: Chinese forum.

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