Boeing 787 Dreamliner – network vulnerability risk

everybody told you about it, Boeing is preparing a new medium range jet airplane that will do everything but coffee: It is nice, it is light, it eats 25% less fuel, it is less noisy.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner - Copyright BoeingBut it has two problems:

  • Boeing was forced to announce a dealy for the first deliveries (EADS-Airbus is not the only one to have such difficulties here)
  • The FAA, US Federal Aviation Authority, is troubled by the sight of this airpline having a computer network open to the passengers. Here, I would say it’s rather good news bringing plenty of in-flight computer fun (email, web, IM, network games, etc.) but Boeing had a bad idea: The public network seems not to be isolated enough from the on-board network. So, the FAA is afraid of the possibility that some passengers may break havoc (voluntarily or not) on the plane’s instruments.

Sources: Futura Sciences and Wired.

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