Before a tripod: Photo stability solutions

Of course, you know it, a photo tripod is an excellent solution to stabilize your photo camera and get crisp images despite a long shutter time (or a trembling hand). But there are other simple solutions that you should keep in mind:

  • A photo monopod: After all, one leg (instead of three) can be enough, even more if you push the camera against another fix support (a wall, for example). and, the monopods are lighter and cheaper than photo tripods.
  • The bean bag: It’s only a bag filled with dry beans or grain; The result is a deformable and stable base where you can easily push a camera into. Even a heavy one.
  • The self-timer, shutter-delay, remote release function of the camera: Most of the camera moves come from the photographer pressing on the shutter release button. Why not use the self-timer integrated in your camera (even if the supporting base is not very stable, it will improve the situation a lot)?
  • Several images: I use it a lot, shoot three images in a row using the auto-drive of the camera; The first one is most influenced by pressing the shutter release button, but the next ones are better.
  • In-camera shake reduction: Yes, it is included in the camera system just for this purpose. Be it part of the lens (at Nikon, Canon, for example) or of the body (at Sony for example), it brings between 2 and 4 speed stops. But sometimes, you may have to take seevral photos to get one really good (when you are bordering with the limits of the system).
  • Hold your breath: And press the button just after blowing slowly al your lungs air; It’s an old and reliable solution and it works.

Last but not least, do not forget that if the subject itself is moving (and the camera is already stable) there is no other solution than a fast shutter speed (or flash light).

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